My name is Petra, born and raised in Frankfürt Am Main, but I have been living in the Netherlands for almost 25 years. As a certified massage therapist, I give various massages every week in the Luxerij that I run together with my partner. From my youth I have been passionate about the well-being and care of people, so in addition to being a massage therapist, I am also a certified medical manicure and pedicure. We might see each other in our beautiful and atmospheric massage room in the Luxerij.
Hot Stone Massage
This massage is performed with the so-called "Hot Stones". These are black basal stones formed from the hot lava of volcanoes that have been lying in river beds for centuries, giving them beautiful round shapes. The Indians therefore say that they are formed by the four elements: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. Due to the volcanic origin of each stone, these stones have a very high percentage of iron and magnesium, which gives them the possibility to retain the heat for a long time.
Duration 60 Minutes
Price € 70,-
A sports massage improves the blood circulation in your muscles, so that waste is removed more quickly. This promotes the recovery of your body and prevents injuries due to overloading your muscles.

Because a sports massage is fairly firm, it is not suitable just before or after a major effort. With that you would put too much strain on your muscles and you would experience a disadvantage rather than an advantage. If you want to get a massage just before you make a big effort, always choose a massage that does not put too much strain on the muscles. A good sports masseur will also ask you about this and adjust his massage accordingly.

Advantages of sports massage
Because the massage ensures that waste in your body is better removed, you help your body to recover faster. Moreover, with a sports massage you avoid overloading your muscles and therefore injuries. You can also use a sports massage to activate your muscles, for example at the start of a training course or if you haven\'t done anything for a while. A sports massage can therefore be used preventively, proactively and reactive. Don\'t let the name put you on the wrong track, because even as a non-athlete you will certainly benefit from a sports massage.

Duration 60 Minutes
Price € 60,-
Wellness massage
Relaxation massage is a relaxing massage that brings both physical and mental relaxation. Your body will be massaged for a period of at least one hour: back, shoulders, neck, head, arms, hands, hips, legs and feet. You do not have to have any complaints to undergo this massage. See it as a treat for yourself. The massage ensures that you will not think about anything. Relaxing movements with oil are alternated with deep squeezes so that a deep form of relaxation is achieved. A regular relaxation massage can reduce complaints and even prevent them.

Advantages of a relaxation massage are:
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Increases concentration
  • Makes the muscles flexible
  • Promotes physical and mental relaxation
  • Preventive effect
Duration 60 Minutes
Price € 60,-
Duration 90 Minutes
Price € 85,-